My next step

We live in a world of rules. Formal and informal. Explicit and implicit. Written and unwritten. Rules imposed from without and rules imposed from within. Legal rules. Social rules. Cultural rules. Religious rules. Organizational rules. Rules that go by other names: Codes. Bylaws. Guidelines. SOPs. Canons. Edicts. Commandments.

That’s a whole lot of stuff telling you how to live your life.

But rules are nothing more than other peoples’ best guesses, based on the past, at how we might all lead better lives in the future. None of them are connected with a deep understanding of what makes you you. Of what might bring you a sense of fulfillment. Of the unique gift you might make to the world.

Lost in all of these rules is what I consider the most important rule of all. Polonius said it well: “To thine own self be true.” Or… Be Yourself.

That’s equally true whether the “you” is an entire organization, a brand, or just you.

And so I’m thrilled to formally launch my new business, Rule №1 — a consultancy dedicated to helping leaders build compellingly authentic brands and cultures.

Much thanks to all who have encouraged me, inspired me, mentored me, cheered for me, taught me, hired me, endured me, challenged me, provoked me, or supported me.

To what comes next,




Passionately in search of people who are themselves

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